Saturday, September 16, 2006

Call Me A Savage And I'll Act Like One To Prove You're Wrong

I hate you but don’t you dare speak ill of me.

My religion calls for “forgiveness, love and brotherhood” but I forgive no one, love no one, and will kill my brothers with reckless abandon. I will send my children to indiscriminately bomb you and your loved ones, your society, everything you hold dear — blowing up themselves in the process. I will kill anyone that disagrees with my views, but you are a bigot for not saying I am merciful.

I will declare a holy war upon you, in the name of my God, but you are not allowed to acknowledge it. I will preach it from my pulpits but you must apologize for calling me threatening.

If you write something against my deity, I’ll express my rage by calling for all individuals that think like me to murder you in the name of my religion.

Draw caricatures of my almighty and I’ll scream, riot, loot, and murder to prove that your opinion that my religion is based on violence is wrong. I’ll sponsor a drawing competition of my own to attack your religion, to make you feel like I do, but I’ll never stop to notice that the world yawns and doesn’t react violently like I do. I will constantly seek apologies but would never offer one. After all, apologies are for the weak. I am not weak but I want you to be.

I will meet your words that I am “evil and inhuman” by unleashing a torrent of force to defeat you. I will prove to you that I am a sensitive and peaceful person by taking up arms against you. The longer you deny that I am special and God's chosen one, the more potent my weapons will become.

Be like me. Can't you see I am full of love not hate? Be like me. Submit to me. Or die.


Anonymous said...

I agree! If you hate this country, the people, the freedom...GO HOME to your country...sooner rather than later! JBo

michele said...

Thank you for writing and posting this.

It speaks volumes!

Anonymous said...

Roger that, Bro! Time for the world to face the hypocrisy of islam ... it is a murderous "faith", and clearly so.