Friday, August 03, 2007

"Release The Hounds"

Okay, a couple of my regular blog reads turned me on to the Simpsonize Me site. It allows you to take a minimum 640 x 480 pic and turn yourself into a Simpsons avatar.

This is me. I think I'm better looking in Springfield than real life. I wish Blogger would let me update my blog photo with this one!

I cheated a bit by importing the resulting image into Photoshop and gave myself blue eyes and tried to get a more accurate hair color (salt and pepper...heavy on the salt) and goatee color (salt and pepper...heavy on the pepper). It was fun having to think about how I really look and what y'all see when you look at me. (My eyes, my EYES!) ;)


Kim said...

Hey Gavin, I saw your comment on Steve's blog and then he told me that you live in the Capital District too! How cool!
Have a great day!

michael sean morris said...

I love my Simpson's Avatar, even though I forgot to do a screen grab (all I have is a photo of it onscreen) and now the site won't let me back in to get it.

My Simpson's character is better than my South Park one, which I've been using on Facebook.