Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Golden Sedum: Sedum kamschatium

I ordered golden sedum for the garden. It's bright yellow color and tolerance for heat should make it a great addition. The south-facing area next to the garage gets direct sun all day and the reflection off the white aluminum siding makes it even tougher for the plants. Right now, there are only the bearded iris that were planted 40 years ago and the shasta daisies I put in this year. Before I can worry about the heat, I have to hope that any of the six plants survive the winter.

In the same order, I received a dozen dutch iris, several varieties of regular iris, and three white liatris to complement the purple ones I already have.

In a separate order from Breck's, I received my "super sak" (50) of daffodils, a super sak (80) of grape hyacinths, and 20 additional grape hyacinths of varying colors.

Slowly but surely, the garden is shaping up nicely.


evilganome said...

Due to unexpected dental work, new spring bulbs aren't in the budget this fall. Darn and I'd picked them out too. BTW, the miniature daffodils planted in with the grape hyacinth looks really good. If that sedum is the same variety that I have, getting it to survive won't be a problem, it's keeping it under control.

michael sean morris said...

Aren't sweet peas good on a hot, south-facing wall? Sorry, but I don't know enough about the biome you're in to know if they'll even grow there.