Monday, October 22, 2007

Orange County Fires

This graphic is from The Orange County Register. Double click to engorge. In the graphic, I also lived in Santa Ana, Aliso Viejo, and Huntington Beach for four years each.

A fire in Orange County is raging towards Irvine where I lived for 10 years and where my aunt and uncle currently reside. They are in the direct line of the path of the Santiago Canyon fire.

My best friend lives close by and she reports that the sky is black with smoke and the ash is falling like snow. Their pool is a mess of debris and had some friends from Irvine stay at their home last night.

I'm thinking of them all and hope that this fire season ends with minimal loss of life and property.

These are also the times I think about the fireman I dated over a decade ago. I hope he's safe as he is probably carrying a heavy pack on his back, an axe in his hand, and a helmet on his head as he battles the fires on the front lines.

Some day I'll recount my experience with the Laguna Beach fire in 1993.

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