Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Morning Levity Bonus: Another China Toy Recall


Mom said...


michael sean morris said...

I think we had this slide at my school.

Actually, the slide at my school had a giant hole/small valley at the end of it, for an added layer of playground fun.

RG said...

Good lord! Do you remember those damn steel slides that would heat up to 1000 degrees in the summer and take the first 5 layers of skin off the back of your legs?

Now everything is rounded plastic so it's "Safe for Kids." Wussies. What ever happended to the Monkey Bars above a slab of cement. Or the merry-go-round that was off-balance and you had to have the fat kid sit in the "right" spot. Or the teeter-totter that the seats were broken so you sat on the metal poles and smashed your nuts? Or the Jungle Gym that was over a pit of broken glass and trash? Huh? Where are these things?

The kids these days have it too easy!