Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back Update

Quick update on my aching back:

Believe it or not, it is still sore. The pain isn't keeping me up at night, and I don't have to slide onto the floor first when I want to get up out of a chair, but I'd say it is about 75%.

Al at Blue Alto had recommended Robaxacet OTC. It is a combination of pain reliever and muscle relaxer. It sounded like the perfect remedy, but it isn't available OTC here in the U.S. The maker's web site recommended that it could be purchased through an online Canadian pharmacy but I figured by the time I received it I'd be better. Thanks anyway, Al — you Canadians have all the good drugs!

There is still plenty of yard work to be done and I have been doing it little by little so I don't do any more damage to myself. After all, I'll be shoveling snow soon and that is a killer.


Al said...


Send me your address via email and I'll pop a sample pack in the mail. Exporting OTC meds into the US from Canada is not a problem, so long as they are in the original containers.

Working as a paramedic, I've had many back issues, and this product really does wonders for pain relief without the hassle of potentially addictive (and constipating) opiate based therapy.

tater said...

You are going to shovel snow with that back? I guess I will be looking forward to posts of this nature through the winter... Snow Blower? I know it wastes energy, but it just might save your back...

Y | O | Y said...

I do have a snowblower! The driveway is about 75' and then there is about 20' of sidewalk that I have to shovel.

My brother dropped off a back brace yesterday so I'll see if that helps any.

Now I really wish I hadn't stopped taking my yoga classes!

RG said...

Don't you wish that me and my massage table lived a little closer? You poor thing.

michael sean morris said...

Get back into yoga. Save yourself the useless meds and the wasteful machinery. Or try massage/chiropractor.