Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Disagree With The Reporter

On Today, Matt Lauer (the subject of a future Hunk-A-Lot Hump Day post and my personal same-sex marriage fantasies), interviewed the Ohio police officer accused of killing his wife.

Since when is, "Can you look me in the eye and tell me you didn't do it?," a legitimate question? Is he expecting, "Der, gee Matt, no I can't cause I'm suddenly so overwhelmed with guilt I have to tell the truth since it's eye-to-eye." So if he can say it eye-to-eye, does that mean he's innocent? Or just a sociopath?

Oh, brother.

Ask Georgie Bush what he saw when he looked in Putin's eye a couple years ago. I wonder if he saw a power-hungry KGB agent bent on consolidating former Soviet power by withholding home heating oil from former satellites?


michael sean morris said...

Matt Lauer is so not a journalist, no matter how much he thinks he is; he's an infotainment specialist at best. Meredith Vieira seriously trashed her cred when she signed on to do "The Today Show", (although after "The View" it was pretty much shot to Hell anyway, even as good as she was on it). Did you ever see her on a show called "West 57th"?

Lauer is hunky, though. Remember those pictures of him in the Hamptons last summer? I am so lucky to be middle-aged in an era when middle-aged men have never been hotter - present company included!

John said...

When did Lauer become a reporter?

RG said...

Matt's pretty to look at but he not very bright and definitely NOT a journalist.