Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Definitely November

We had a few snow flurries during the week, the bird bath is frozen, and the thermometer fights valiantly to get out of the 30's during the day.

The folks who mow the lawn came on Wednesday and ground up the leaves in the process. A quick snap of the bagger off the back and the clippings were emptied at the curb for the sucking machine sent from the local township. The yard was beautiful; freshly clipped and not a fallen leaf in sight.

Within a day, the lawn looked like this:
The contracting and expanding caused by the temperature change of the morning frost must unhinge the leaves from where they attach to their branches. It was really a gorgeous carpet of yellow leaves under the birch tree from where they came. They flit down softly like feathers in the breeze. With the grass cut short, it seemed like they were laying on top, forming a solid blanket that you could lift up and hop under for a snuggle session.

My back is still incredibly sore and a full week after the worst of the pain it is still difficult to stand up out of a chair.


more cowbell said...

I really love that picture. Your description of the yellow blanket was great.

RG said...

It looks like my front yard. Sigh....