Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Poll Posted; Old Poll Closed

I will be walking next door for Thanksgiving dinner. Take the new poll in the sidebar, How Will You Get To Your Thanksgiving Destination?

With that in mind, I have closed the mayonnaise poll:

Do You Love Mayo Like I Love Mayo?

• "Hellman's/Best Foods ONLY" garnered 33% of the vote.
• "It's Gotta Be Low Cal/Low Fat" also received 33% of the vote.
• "Miracle Whip", "Any Mayo Works For Me", and "I Hate Mayo" pulled in 11% each.

Is there anything better than Thanksgiving turkey slathered in Hellmann's mayonnaise? I think not!


tater said...

Where is the broomstick option?

Big Daddy said...

Turkey sandwiches the week after Turkey Day with mayo and tomato.


Happy Tofurkey/Turducken Day!

Al said...

I'm Canadian, what is this strange thing called thanksgiving? Who are you supposed to thank? I'll now go club a seal and build an igloo.

Y | O | Y said...

Al...aren't you glad I remembered you Canucks in my choices?!?

RG said...

Eating a turkey sandwich slathered in Mayo while getting a BJ is good too. :)