Monday, November 19, 2007

Overheard In New York. Harumph.

I'm sorry, but the headlines I submit in the Monday and Thursday Caption This Headline Contest over at Overheard In New York are always better than the "winners" they select to publish.

Case in point:

Teen: That guy is jerkin' it right there in public!
Mother: Look away. He just has a disease.
Teen: What? So chronic masturbation is a disease now?

--42nd St subway

Overheard by: come again?
So the contest is to come up with a headline for the conversation.

My Headline
"He's Got Restless Wrist Syndrome"

Winning Published Headline
"Only for Catholics"

Top Runners Up
· "Cause Dad Said Its a Cure for Fat Wife Syndrome"
· "Come Again?"
· "Ironically, NOT Healed by Laying on Of Hands"
· "Momma Don't Know Jack."
· "No. I Was Referring To The Pus Pockets On The Head Of His Penis"
· "There's Even a 12 Stroke Program"
· "We're Tivoing _That_ Telethon!"

Sorry, but I think my headline is better than all of them!!!


Anonymous said...

Personally I can't wait for the "restless leg syndrome" ads to be replaced with the ads for this ailment.

Big Daddy said...

I like yours but the 12 Stroke program is kind of funny too.

I don't get the winning one, and I'm Catholic.

Michael said...

Yours was definitely the winner in my book!