Monday, November 05, 2007


I managed a double whammy on my excursion to Boston.

I have really strained my lower back from holding the heavy leaf blower a week ago. The tightness started last week and was at severe pain on Friday and Saturday. You might know. I still have to roll off the couch to get up.

And my nickname this weekend could have been sleeping beauty. I slept 16 hours on Saturday night and 13 last night. I still don't feel right and I have a low grade fever. More than anything, it has sapped me of all energy.

I'll catch you up on my abbreviated trip to Boston as I start feeling better.

One thing is for sure: It's crappy being sick, it's worse being sick away from home.


tater said...

I loved seeing you, even though it was a brief encounter. You had me in stitches on more than one occasion, and all the while you were ill. Can't wait to see your next performance when healthy! :)

Al said...

I might just have to brave the drive down to bring you some homemade chicken noodle soup.:)

Hope you're feeling better soon.

michael sean morris said...

I wish I was there to help you myself.

There's something about travelling that's illness inducing - strange food, stress, different allergens. I'd really need a massive grant and a couple of years to get to the bottom of it, offering myself as the experimental animal, of course.

Most people are such creatures of habit that any deviation from the norm really throws a whammy at their system.

Get better!

Anonymous said...

Man, I didn't even get meet you and I feel like I touched you somehow. You had what I had on Thursday, almost precisely. Hmm... maybe I *should* blame terrorists. :D

I hope you feel better soon on both fronts. Hopefully another time we'll get to meet.