Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas To Me!

The best thing about buying your own Christmas gifts is that you're sure you'll get exactly what you want. Me? I'm a simple sort. This handy dandy Reynold's Vacuum Sealer is just what I always wanted. Really.

Now before you get all up in my grill because the vacuum part is made in China, the bags are made in the good ol' U. S. of A.! (For now, at least.) Look, folks, we gotta celebrate the smallest victories at this point.

Reynolds started advertising them a year ago but none were to be found and then they disappeared from the company's web site. Probably a production problem with the vacuum...when in doubt, blame the Chinese, you know that's what I always say!

Now they're back on the market and I got me one!

I paid $9.99 at Price Chopper (local supermarket chain) and I understand there is a coupon floating around for $2.50. When I was searching for the pic, I spotted them on eBay for $34!

I froze a couple of steaks and it seemed to work well. We'll see if it cuts down on the freezer burn. BTW, the rib steaks that are called "Delmonico" here are called "Spencer" in California. Go figure.


Doralong said...

Spencer?? You're kidding, right?

RG said...

I have a vacuum sealer I bought at Costco after seeing it on TV. Best appliance EVAH!

It's paid for itself many times over. However, the rolls of bags a hideously expensive - so they're going to get you one way or another.

It's great for sealing your sterilized dildos.