Friday, June 20, 2008

Most Clueless Ad EVER!

I just heard a radio ad for Coke Zero.

A man is at a restaurant giving his order to the waitress. After he says he wants Coke Zero as his drink, she asks if he wants a baked potato or fries. That's when the debate and crux of the ad ensues...he wants them both...she says he can't have both...but, he points out, she didn't say he couldn't have both Coke taste and zero calories when he ordered his drink. Blah, blah, blah. The point being you don't have to compromise with Coke Zero.

Okay, so this guy is going to have a baked potato and fries yet he's ordering a drink with no calories? People like this are the same numb nuts that say they don't know why they can't lose weight. "I'll have a Whopper Meal, super size it, and make the drink a Diet Coke." That shit drives me crazy.

To the copy writers and Coke Zero product manager: maybe you should have used a "side salad or cup of soup" rather than baked potato or fries since at least 50% of the ad/product is about promoting the diet friendliness of soda with no calories.

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Anonymous said...

This is very un-PC, but one of my housemate's friends responded to the folks who say, "I hardly eat anything and can't lose weight" by noting that when Auschwitz was liberated, no fat people were found there.