Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Old Poll Closed; New Poll Opened

The under britches poll was my most successful ever as far as votes! Apparently people like to talk about their delicates.

The results of What Are Your Favorite Under Drawers?:

• 30% love their tighty whities.
• 16% wear pantyhose-stockings.
• 13% love the hybrid boxer-briefs.
• 11% are freedom seekers and go commando.
• 6% are a bit kinkier with jocks.
• 6% are into thongs.
• 5% wear boxers, a number I thought would be much higher.
• 4% don't leave home without their Mormon undergarments.
• 3% put on their bikinis.
• 3% are comfy in their granny panties.

Take the new poll in the sidebar. I structured it in the form of a quiz. When you submit your guess, you can see the answer as the first comment posted.

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