Sunday, June 15, 2008

Part Of My Sunday Is Missing

Every Sunday morning, I have a routine. It's the same routine I've had for over 20 years. Various pets and partners have come and gone, but my Sundays are always the same. You'd think I'd be bored of it by now but the structure gives me an odd sense of comfort and peace.

• Get up about 8 a.m.
• Start the coffee pot.
• Retrieve the Sunday newspaper.
• Fix my cup of coffee; grab a pair of scissors and a black ink pen.
• Open the paper and clip the coupons, read the inserts, and circle the week's purchases. I never read the comics...I would if they were as funny as CB's "Li'l Bastard Comix" every Friday.
• Turn on the television at 9 and make sure it's on ABC to see This Week With (insert name here).
• Read the meat of the paper.
• At 10, change the channel to NBC to watch Meet The Press.
• Work the Sunday crossword until it's complete.
For years, while I'm figuring out the Across and Downs of the puzzle, Tim Russert would be in the background interviewing guests and talking with various panels about the politics of the day. I'd be processing what was said and would bring my attention to the broadcast whenever something piqued my interest or didn't sound quite right.

My Sundays will go on, but the man who shared my mornings for 17 years, is gone.

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e said...

I filmed him a few times during my NBC days, never really had much interaction with him...but even so I felt like I lost someone I knew. We've been glued to MSNBC during primary season and his was always the opinion we waited to hear. Watching political coverage will not be the same.