Sunday, July 27, 2008


We had a fast and furious storm at 1:25 a.m. The thunder had woken me up and Cat #1 was curled up on my chest with her eyes closed but I don't think she was asleep. The thunder got closer and closer. You probably know the trick of counting the time between the lightning and thunder to determine how close the storm is...I was laying there, doing that, and the numbers I reached kept getting smaller. A bit like the movie Poltergeist except a tree didn't crash through the window and grab me.

Then it hit. Ka-rack! The cat jumped. I jumped. And the power went out for about 30 seconds. It sounded like the electric pole in the backyard was hit by lightning. I have to go out and explore to see what was hit. You know it's close when you actually hear the lightning ripping through the air and the thunder booms at the same time. It was close!!!


Anonymous said...

When I lived in Indiana, I actually heard the little SNAP! sound in the air in my room a fraction of a second before the blinding light and the roar outside. WAAAAYYY too close for comfort!

Romach said...

I have to say I hate Thunder and lightening. We are due some in the next few days with this heat wave we have been having.