Thursday, July 17, 2008

Utah Trip: Around Park City

Getting to Park City is pretty easy. Just hop on I-80 East from the SLC airport or downtown SLC, go up over the Wasatch Mountains to Kimball Junction (about 30 minutes), then take the Park City exit and drive about 10 minutes into town.

This pic of Kimball Junction and I-80 (the Four Corners) looking East towards Wyoming is taken from a hiking trail high in The Canyons ski resort.

As you drive in to Park City you can see the Deer Valley and Park City ski resorts (left and right, respectively) directly ahead.

A warm least in summer. I can't remember but I suspect it is buried in snow in the winter.

Main Street looking South.

Main Street looking North.

The Egyptian theater holds many of the screenings for the Sundance Film Festival.

These buildings represent the architecture on Main Street.

The Town Lift drops down out of the Park City ski resort to the base of Main Street for easy access.

This moose, done up in couture, was part of an area event. These fundraisers seem to be popular as we had one here in Bennington, VT with moose and Saratoga Springs, NY with horses.

Another mainstay on Main Street is "the guy with the birds." I thought he said this was a falcon but it looks like a hawk to me. He puts on a bird show and he sits on the bench trying to drum up visitors. Part of his spiel is that he's worked on the Harry Potter flicks. Click on the second pic for a bigger view.


rodger said...

I've never seen Park City looking so dry and green. Every time I've been there there has been snow on the peaks at the very least.

Stephanie said...

Ahhh Park City in the Summer, love it!

Mark H said...

Nice shots.............and I remember why I used to like Park City...MORE fun in the 70's when we were young and foolishly out of line.........

michael sean morris said...

Love that frontier vernacular architecture, and I especially love that beautiful bird, who may in fact be a female peregrine falcon.

It's hard to tell, because I got most of the bird books I use as a kid, and so some of these species hadn't evolved yet. But that's my hunch anyway.