Sunday, November 23, 2008

Perception Is Reality

[This is a re-post from yesterday on my Alzheimer's Moments blog. I have a rather long post in the works explaining my anti-Mormon screed of a week ago but it needs a bit more thought and consideration. In the meantime, I thought this was a good post to let you into my life a little more. As you'll see, my style on that blog often uses actual dialog to illustrate my point.]

Before I tell you the latest story, I have to give you some background.

Mom has a bit of a paranoia streak in her. If anyone implies that she is the cause of something, no matter how inconsequential, she thinks you are picking on her.

She currently has sores on her nose and forehead. It starts with a bit of dry skin and then she scratches and picks it into a sore. If you tell her to stop when she's picking, she gets angry.

Mom: How come I have these sores on my face?

Me or The Aide: Because you scratch at them when you aren't thinking about it.

Mom: [Angry.] Why is everything always my fault?

This is a very, very common phrase that she uses. I snickered to myself when I overheard this exact same conversation happen to the aide the other day. She'll learn, too. :)

It didn't take too many times for this to happen in order for me to learn that the best response is to shrug my shoulders when she asks. When the spots get really irritated, I put Neosporin anti-bacterial ointment on and cover them up with a band-aid.

But that isn't the story I'd planned on telling here. You just have to know that's her mindset before I get to the good one.

Okay, so we were watching a professional NBA basketball game on television last night. I'm a huge fan and mom likes it, too.

After a controversial play, coach Rick Adelman leaps from the bench and starts yelling at the referees.

Mom: Oooo, he's mad.

Adelman turns and it appears as though he is looking directly into the camera and shouting. Our television is a rather large flat panel and mother dear thinks he is looking right at her and going to blame her for why he's angry.

Mom: [Defensively, to avoid blame.] Don't look at me!

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romach said...

Your Mom sounds like my Auntie Maureen buddy. She passed away 2 years ago and for about a year before she died she was exactly like that too! My Mum was great at keeping her calm etc. *hugs*