Friday, November 28, 2008

T-Day Wrap Up

I caught a wave of inspiration yesterday and did pretty well, I must say.

First I baked an apple pie. I didn't go sugarless with Splenda, but used real sugar.

For dinner, I baked three large boneless skinless chicken breasts in a casserole dish surrounded by Stove Top stuffing; boiled and mashed a couple of new white potatoes; and thawed and heated made french-cut green beans. I had brown and serve rolls but passed on them since we already had two starches and the plates were full.

The pie was good for dessert as we watched the Cowboys football game. Nothing like Reddi-Whip canned whipped cream on apple pie with a large glass of cold milk!


michael sean morris said...

Maybe you're feeling better!

Jodi said...

That sounded good! I LOVE Stove Top stuffing. I actually made it at my in-laws because they don't do the stuffing thing. (Weird I know, I don't know why they never had it before??)

evilganome said...

I had a steamed lobster and brussel sprouts on Thursday and I also had squash pie. Though, I only had one piece of pie and I am not sure if I will be able to finish it. (the pie that is, the lobster was yummy and I snarfed it down)