Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome To My Blogroll: Planet Romach

I first spotted Mark of Planet Romach as a commenter on various sites that I also frequented. It would appear, at least from that, that we have a lot of the same interests and views. I added him to my reader and have followed him (and cross commented on each other's blogs) for several months. If you haven't been following him, bop on over and get a taste of a handsome Irish lad living in England with his longtime partner and recent husband. Yes, they finally made it official after shacking up for a long time!

Most recently, he wrote a post about what it was like coming of age as a gay man in Northern Ireland. Identity issues, early relationships, and family problems. Oh, and all the bombings and terrorism, too. I do enjoy blogs where I get to learn about life experiences in other places.

Welcome Planet Romach to my blogroll!

1 comment:

romach said...

Thank you handsome! We are getting hammered with snow and gales at the mo but you have brought a big warming smile to my face :-)