Monday, December 29, 2008

Australia: Land Of "Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished"

I spotted this Guardian story over on The Huffington Post. Reminds me of what happened to Steve Irwin — a fierce protector of nature who eventually succumbed to it.

A snorkeller is believed to have been snatched by a shark as he swam with his son at a beach south of Perth. Witnesses reported seeing a dorsal fin and thrashing in the water before the sea turned red and the man vanished at the scene.

Brian Guest, 51, who had campaigned for many years for the protection of sharks, had been looking for crabs with his 24-year-old son when he was attacked about 30 metres from the shore.

Yesterday Daniel Guest recalled how his father had spoken of the risks of sharks and how he had "loved and respected the ocean environment".

Brian Guest wrote on the Western Angler website forum in 2004: "I have always had an understanding with my wife that if a shark or ocean accident caused my death then so be it, at least it was doing what I wanted. Every surfer, fisherman and diver has far more chance of being killed by bees, drunk drivers, teenage car thieves and lightning. Every death is a tragedy – regardless of the cause – but we have no greater claim to use of this earth than any of the other creatures [we] share it with."
The closest I've knowingly come to a great white shark was on the Universal Studios tour backlot!

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