Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Snowing Cats And Dogs...

...but the birds don't seem to care.

There's a lot of action at the feeders after receiving 9" of snow on Friday. We are expecting about the same today. I don't like it that the temperature is so low (currently 18˚F) but at least it keeps the snow light and fluffy. That makes it easier to snow blow the driveway and shovel the walk.

I did some "in action" compilations. Both engorge nicely with a click.

Here is a female woodpecker on the suet (beef fat) feeder. I put fresh out yesterday afternoon. While they will occasionally eat the sunflower seeds, they like the suet best. You can tell the female from the male because the male has a tuft of bright red on the nape of its neck.

Here is the female cardinal enjoying sunflower seeds. I've found cardinals to be skittish and generally ground feeders. The fact that she is coming up to the window and eating from a feeder indicates she doesn't have many options when it comes to food.

I've got the camera at the ready to take pics of other birds for future posts.


Jodi said...

I love how you did that with the pictures, made the different scenes. That is cool.

It has been SO cold here too. We just keep getting snow on top of ice and snow again.

How much longer until spring?

Marc said...

Great photos buddy. Surprisingly we are getting loads of birds in the garden this winter. Its costing us a small fortune though to feed them lol

evilganome said...

Great shots! I love watching the various birds that winter over here. I've seen some cardinals and the occasional woodpecker and nuthatch, but, alas, I have not had my camera with me.

Glad you did. Those are really terrific pictures.