Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Price Is Exactly Right!

There's been some hullaballoo over at The Price Is Right. Someone guessed the exact price of their showcase, thereby winning both showcases as the rule states that if you are the closest and within $100 without going over, you get them both.

The thing is, it wasn't a round number that he guessed. It was $23,743.

The production staffed stopped the show after his bid and performed an investigation. They thought there was some cheating going on. Turns out, there was a guy in the audience that memorizes all the prices and he shouted the price to the guy on stage. Since there is no rule against audience participation, in fact it's encouraged, no rules were broken.

When production continued, the first contestant was revealed to be within less than $500. Then Drew Carey moves to the big reveal that the man got the price spot on. He gives a less than enthusiastic response — remember that there has been a significant delay in the taping and the authenticity of the contestant's guess was in question.

H/T to Huffington Post.

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