Monday, January 26, 2009

Blagojevich — Fact Or Fiction

I have to say, he's a pretty slick talker. Watch the clip to the end where Joy Behar tried to pull a fast one on the fast talker. He didn't bite, though. She also grabs ahold of his hair to see if it's a wig.

In some ways, I do think he's getting a bum rap. Take the Oprah thing. I bet anyone in a room in Chicago would have thrown her name out. Chripes, everyone kept talking about her being Obama's VP. So what's the big deal that her name got mentioned. It wasn't offered to her, yet that's how the media is teasing all of their stories.

Rod may be a crook. A crafty crook, even. But he makes some good points.

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Cyrus said...

I totally agree. He's clearly clinically insane, but he's completely in the right when he says that he hasn't been presumed innocent until proven insane.

It's a very dangerous precedent to set to just go in and strong-arm an elected official out of his/her seat simply because the nightly news and the federal government make accusations of illegal conduct.