Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ear Bug: Love Will Find A Way

J.P. shared that he had a Moonlight Feels Right ear bug. That led me to this Pablo Cruise song that is very similar and equally ear buggable.

I also learned from one of the comments that if you put an &fmt=18 parameter on the browser line for some songs in YouTube, sound quality goes way up. Listen for yourself. Double click on the video below to open it in a new YouTube window, add &fmt=18 at the end, hit the refresh button, and enjoy!

I don't think it works for all songs and I couldn't figure out how to modify the embed code so it happens when you play it within the post. It probably depends on how it was recorded and uploaded. For when it works, it's a pretty cool thing to know.

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michael sean morris said...

I think if you look through the embed codes of other HQ audio clips you should be able to see where that code goes and add it when you embed it. I don't know, since I've never tried it myself, but you're more technically proficient than I am.

My favourite ear bug (or ear worm, as we call them in Canada) is "Magic Touch" by Robin Thicke.