Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Say, "Stab Them In The Front!"

When I was in corporate America, I was called the "mow man" because if you got in my way, I mowed you down.

Now, I felt as though I did this with ethics. When you've got extreme pressure from above to get things done, and you're responsible for a $1B product line, you get them done. The thing about me, though, is that I didn't stab people in the back. I went at them from the front. They knew it was coming because I told them. "If you don't get this done, I'll have to do that."

Now to the point of this post.

President Obama needs to stab the Republican Congresspersons in the front. "You don't want to support the bill that I've modified considerably to kiss your inepts asses that got us in this fucking mess? Then you get nothing. Zilch." And then he needs to strip it out.

Play nice, you get cooperation. You don't, you're screwed.


michael sean morris said...

He is going to great lengths to appease these losers, I guess so as not to appear tyrannical. But we know the only reason the Republicans are fighting is so they can cash in via pork barreling.

rodger said...

Their just pissed that they couldn't do anything for the last 8 years and now that they're in the minority, Dems are going to get some shit done...for the people...not the rich.

Jobs are what we need and that's what Obama is delivering. Now if we coulnd only do something to get rid of Boehner....what an A#! asshole.