Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reality And More

Well, American Idol starts tonight. And yes, I'm one of those that enjoys watching the train wreck auditions in the early going. After all, if it weren't for these shows, we wouldn't have William "She Bangs" Hung!

I've also started watching this season's The Real World on MTV. I think the first episode is the only show that has been on so far — it isn't too late to start. I haven't watched in years but this cast that's living in Red Hook Brooklyn looks interesting and the previews look like there will be lots of drama. I think it's the first time they have a trans person on (post op MTF). She's in addition to a gay guy, a "former" lesbian that is now bi and dating a man, a Mormon, a total male model stud, and a guy who served in the army and was stationed in Iraq. Previews showed army dude is a drunk and volatile.

I'm still watching Top Chef on Bravo. Besides thinking that judge Tom Colicchio is hot, I'm developing an odd crush on cheftestant Stefan. He is 180˚ opposite of the type of guys that I usually find attractive which is what I find so interesting. Blond(/bald), smooth, brash, confident, cocky. Maybe my tastes are changing in my mid-40's or I'm finally figuring out the type of person that suits me better.


Marc said...

I used to watch American idol since it began. My fav all time contestant was Chris Daughtry! I hope they have more like him on this year .

tom said...

Yeah, I watched. It's stupid, and inane, and entertaining. I'm getting a little tired of Simon. I know it's all BS, but his "rude" routine is, well, rude. And boring. Did I mention boring already? Yes. Well. Paula seemed amazingly, um, lucid, last night. The new girl? Who IS she?