Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Sh!ts & Giggles: He's A Cat, Flushing A Toilet

Cats are so funny. In my house, cat #1 will only drink from the bathroom faucet with the water dribbling. Cat #2 will only drink from the same sink, only with a puddle in the basin and the faucet off. The abyssinian I had for 16 years also drank from the running faucet.

None have/had any fascination with the toilet, although the abby liked to sit on the toilet seat and spin the toilet paper roll to unravel it onto the floor.


michael sean morris said...

Of course, the solution is to leave the lid down like I do.

I too have been blessed by a cat who cares not a whit for the plumbing, but my ex-room-mate's cat loves drinking from the faucet, even though he's now so old and blind he has to be lifted in and out of it.

Cute song, though; I'm sure I'll have no problem at all getting it out of my head...

Jodi said...

My cat doesn't bother with the toilet. The funny thing he does if I pour his water into his bowl when it is on the floor, he paws at it. It never gets old. Too funny! Gotta love cats!