Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tax Cuts Do NOT Equal American Jobs

I'm getting increasingly irritated by the GOP members of Congress pushing tax cuts. Here's a clue from the last eight years:

• Revenues down, deficits up.
• Tax cuts gives taxpayers more money...to buy more crap from China.
• Buying more crap from China...does not generate American jobs.
• What the Republicans have done got us into this mess. More of the same won't get us out, it just digs the hole deeper.
• Shrub's bragging about 52 months of continued growth wasn't really growth of a strong economy rather the spending of Clinton's surplus and digging another trillion in debt.


michael sean morris said...

Let's not forget who chiefly benefited from those tax cuts - namely, the richest 1% and their Cayman Island bank accounts.

Since the Republican way doesn't work - which the current situation amply proves - they've lost their right to engineer the economy.

Mark H said...

YEP............WE, neighbors, et al, are saying the SAME THING HERE. Seems Boehner is retarded....they're like simple Parrots who are too old to learn a new word.