Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From The "I Just Don't Get It" File: Jeopardy +$1 Contestants

Jeopardy is one of my favorite shows and I've always thought that Alex Trebek is a total babe. I watch it twice a day. First runs are at 7:30 and reruns from a year ago are on midday at 12:30.

The one thing that has always irritated me are the contestants, almost all of them, that wager on the Final Jeopardy question so they win by $1. Why not play for a tie so TWO of you walk away with lots of money? Either way, you are coming back the next day with all new questions and categories so it's a new game whether you are playing against the same person or someone new. Maybe the new person will be better at the new categories.


michael sean morris said...

Well, I have two theories:

Theory #1: While we're taught to share as children - it's practically a fetish on shows like 'Sesame Street' - at some point in our lives (at some point in primary school is my guess) those in control of us make the point that sharing is like Communism, and therefore the worst evil ever. Which is when those of us who haven't taken the sharing thing to heart become greedy and horrible.

Theory #2: We're born greedy and horrible and the sharing nonsense is something they use as a time-saver while they're busy teaching us to use the toilet, tie our shoes, read and write, and such. And while some of us accidentally take sharing to heart, it only takes a cursory reading of the history of Communism to prove that these two notions couldn't be more at odds. Not that the typical opponents of Communism are all that big on education and critical thinking

(An alternative Third theory states that I'm hopelessly cynical.)

Mark H said...

Yea yea WE like Jeopardy as well...I never thought about that, but you have a great idea.