Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's All About The Hair

I haven't cut my hair in 16 months. It's getting long. I can almost get the front and center strands to go back over my ears and I can pull a small (2"?) pony tail in the back. If you are watching the new show Life On Mars, my hair looks like Michael Imperioli. I'm going to grow the handlebar mustache and I'll be back in 1973 style!


Doralong said...

See me refraining from any disco queen jokes.. Just don't forget to post pictures!

Jodi said...

I watched part of that looks good but I just can't get into another show. My mind hurts from LOST. LOL!

I think his hair is cool. (Hmmmm...handle bar mustache though?)

I have to try and disassociating him with "Christopher Moltisanti". It is SO hard. LOL

Lacey said...

The hair works for him. We'll have to reserve judgement on yours, won't we?

more cowbell said...

the hair is what makes it easy for me to not see "Christopher" every time he comes on screen in Life on Mars. This pic actually looks way more Christopherish than he does in the show.

I have the opposite problem. I just got the haircut from Hades. I hope the Bitch goes running with her scissors.