Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Mish Mash

Here are some random items for a Monday:

Academy Awards
I was 6 out of 8 for those I wanted to win at the Oscar's last night. I still think that Gran Torino and WALL•E were better movies than Slumdog Millionaire and Milk. I'm not disappointed that Slumdog won, though.

It was a great night for acceptance speeches. I don't think I heard anyone thank God or Jesus! Here are the two I liked the most.

Dustin Lance Black won for Best Screenplay for Milk.

And Sean Penn won Best Actor for Milk.

I enjoyed the performances by Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

Kate Winslet looked stunning!

Kidney Stones
Yup, I'm passing another stone. Last year, when I went to the ER and they took X-rays for the pain I had on my left, they spotted another stone on the right. Well, that must be the one that is moving. Pain and blood on Friday. Now everything I do is with awareness that I could be in excruciating pain at any moment. It really messes with your head and life!

The MegaMillions still hasn't been won so I need to get me a ticket today. It's about $150M right now.

Amazon Store
I've started selling my mother's collection of VHS tapes and CDs on Amazon. She bought them thinking she would watch them in her retirement...that didn't work out. Most are still in the shrink wrap. I've listed about 50 items and have sold 3 so far. I'm getting more than if I sold them at a Yard Sale where people would want them for 50 cents each.

That's it for today!


Mark H said...

I had just posted Black's speech on my page and came over to see what YOU had to say about last night....YES, Black had me in tears!!! I LOVED how he quietly pointed that finger at the Mormon Church then hopefully encouraged some young closet gay Mormon kid who is hearing nothing but abuse from his Church. Hurray!!!!! YES, Loved Penn's speech as did the audience, eh?

bigislandjeepguy said...

both of those speeches were amazing.

sorry about the stone! i have had one and it was the worst pain...ever. all i remember is laying in the fetal position on the floor of the bathroom in the emergency room. crazy. hope you feel better soon.

Mark said...

I enjoyed both these speeches also. When the audience started cheering and clapping I though it was very emotional.

evilganome said...

Actually, I believe Dustin Black did invoke the almighty at the end of his speech. But whatev's.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about the kidney stone--hope it moves on through soon.

Is MegaMillions the same as Powerball? PB is up to $150 M now too--and it's MINE!! (but I'm willing to share...)

Y | O | Y said...

Alex--I think they are the same concept (multi-state lottos) but I'm pretty sure they are in different groups of states. I gotta go check my lotto!