Thursday, February 12, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


The first few episodes of the season weren't very inspiring. At least from a blog post standpoint. Back and forth, back and forth. This time, that time, more bloody noses.

Last night's episode gave us more payoffs in the story line than we've seen in a while.

• First, lets talk about the smoke monster. It has the ability to grab things with no hands! Or arms, as Frenchie found out. So now we know it is a security system that lives in a hole under the Temple. It either has the ability to fuck up people's minds, or people's minds are fucked up when they come in contact with it. Hence, Rousseau's melt down on the beach. She said that her comrades were different after their run in with it, and it turned out she was correct when her baby daddy tried to shoot her with an unloaded rifle. Why didn't Old Smokey just kill them all in the jungle rather than grabbing one and dragging him back to its lair? Was that guy lunch?
• While we're speaking of Rousseau, we found out that Alex isn't really Ben's girl at all. At least biologically.
• Jin is alive and we found out that his time travel has been the same as the other Left-Behind Losties. Even though he wasn't near them, it must be that everyone within the island's bubble is moving at the same time to the same time period.
• I'm still a bit confused about Faraday. We've seen him at the university conducting experiments. We've seen him working for Dharma at the Orchid station. Charlotte, bless her bloody nose, told him that he told her to get off the island and never come back when she was little and part of Dharma, too. This also shows that it hasn't always been the case that babies couldn't be born on the island (which is why Juliet was recruited).
• Speaking of Charlotte, she went koo koo before she bit the dust. She was rambling. I wonder if those ramblings meant something. And what did she tell Jin in Korean?
• Ben's been driving around in a van. Is the name of the company an anagram for anything?
• John Locke is developing some big man tits this season.
• Locke's got some bad luck with those legs of his, eh?
• Locke is willing to sacrifice his life for the island. What are the missing pieces that make him willing to do so?
• So Jack's father is still dead. Why can't he move the wheel himself? Is he tied to Old Smokey? Why doesn't he have that thing move the wheel of fortune?
• Interesting that John was supposed to move the island and not Ben. Is that what caused all the problems, or was it really because the Oceanic 6 left?
• Is Faraday in cahoots with Ben? He told Desmond to find his mother, and then when they all showed up at the church, Ben seemed to imply that he'd gotten as many of the group together as possible.

That's it for now. I came up with these random thoughts. I'm going to start snooping around some Lost sites to see if anyone picked up more than I did.

Thanks to a tip by Alan, I've discovered that Sawyer has nicknamed me Sally Slingshot. You can get yours at


Cyrus said...

I had to fight to not read your post. I can't even watch "Lost" while the season is running, because I can't handle the cliffhangers. I have to wait for the DVDs, and then hole up for an entire weekend. Season 4 was last weekend, and I'm dying for season 5 to get to DVD.

Jodi said...

LOL @ Locke growing tits.

I think Faraday is like that Richard guy...he & his mother probably stopped aging or something. Since Charlotte saw him when she was little. We also saw him working at the Orchid years prior....I think he doesn't age.

Remember how Jin was just learning English before Sun left...boy he really learned alot in such a short time.

Now us Lost fans can hear that they "moved the island" and think that it is perfectly normal.
Now we hear "we don't even know *when* we are" and find that normal too.

I think I'm going to get a nosebleed from all this time travel.

Alan said...

Ben's van ... Canton-Rainier is an anagram for "reincarnation"

It isn't the case that babies can't be born on the island, just that babies conceived on the island can't be born there. Babies conceived off the island: Aaron, Sun & Jin's baby, and we assume Marvin Candle's/Edgar Hallowax's/Pierre Chang's baby from the season opener (Was that baby Miles?) can be born on the island.

Did you notice the arm thing? Way back in an earlier season Rousseau mentions whatshisname losing his arm. Also, the gun wasn't unloaded, Rousseau also mentioned back in Season 1 that she removed the firing pin from his gun.

I think we're going to get a major PowerPoint explanation of a bunch of stuff next week from Daniel's mom, aka Mrs. Hawking.

Was Ol' Smokey's temple the same temple that Ben told the Others to go to when the Freighter people arrived? I'd assumed that the Temple meant yet another Dharma station.

Y | O | Y said...

Alan--That whole Ol Smokey thing is still a bit of a mystery. Frenchie called for them to come down and save him because the monster was gone right after he was pulled under. Maybe it is the Temple that freaked their minds out?

I remember too that Smokey is kept in check with that electric fence and that Ben can call it. I do think this is the Temple that Ben referred to but I thought it was part of the complex where the Others gathered and we saw the Ben - Locke showdown. Maybe it is different. Is this where Jacob's cabin is?

Did Ben tell them to go to the Temple so Smokey would kill / eat them?

I do think that Jodi's (commenter above) theory that Faraday is timeless like Richard has merit.

I also read on Dirk Mancuso's blog that he hypothesized that Locke isn't dead but under the influence of the medusa spider. Hmmmmm.

I haven't seen the earlier episodes since they aired so I don't remember a lot of the stuff. I'm going to go through the whole run and then go back and rent them to put it all together.

Will Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Kate make it to the Church in time to jump into the way back machine?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte remembered a much-older-scarier Faraday. Faraday said he loved her. Maybe she is his granddaughter. Alas...

Her ramblings seemed as though she was in "another life brother."

I noticed Locke's boobies too.

Ben, Miles and Faraday seem like they are knowingly in a Dharma experiment. --manipulating, observing, varying...

That gathering in the church is so witch-crafty. What's with that hooded get-up?


He's not who we think he is... He's not one of us...
another life... Farmer or hunter...