Thursday, February 19, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


I've discovered that it's a good thing to watch the 8:00 pop-up videos each week. Questions do get answered!

• From last week, I caught that Charlotte told them to look for the well to find the Orchid Station. The Orchid was supposedly built by Dharma, but the well preceded it. So, how did Charlotte know about the well if she was there in Dharma days, and who dug the well?

• Okay, let's talk about the crappy set design for the Lamp Post station. Ummm, all those valuable formulas for finding the island are written in chalk on an easily erasable blackboard? I'd think they'd be just a little bit more important than that...say stored on a computer at least. Then you got the pendulum. You know, the pendulum that swings back and forth to predict the location of the island that took how much effort and ultimately a genius (Faraday?) to figure out. The one that people have to walk around lest they run into it or vice versa. Hope nobody clumsy gains access to that room.

• If the old lady doesn't believe what Ben says half the time, why are they still in cahoots with him? Why don't they throw him overboard?

• I think that Ben killed Penny. Not that it is ever a good idea to kill someone, but I never really warmed up to her. That leaves the door open for Desmond to return since the island isn't done with him yet.

• Loved that the pilot on the plane to Guam is the helicopter pilot from the ship. Boy, does he look different without the beard and hairy chest hanging out.

• Ben said he didn't know that Locke committed suicide. But in the previews for next week, didn't it look like he was kneeling in front of Locke as he was climbing on the chair to hang himself?

• Who are Sayid's federal agent and the dude in the bomber jacket going to turn out to be? Will they survive the crash? Were they called to be on the island, too, we just haven't seen their stories yet? What about the others on the plane...are they going back to the island, or just those in first class?

• I loved it that Ben showed his callousness in not caring what happens to the other passengers on the plane. He plays a great villain. So nonchalant about it all. I also loved that Hurley bought the remainder of the seats to save as many people as he could.

• Did the plane crash, or were they zapped from the plane to the island? No wreckage, no injuries. Not like the first plane crash that started this whole mess.

• Did Locke really write the suicide note, or did Ben? Is that how it kept following Jack so easily?

• Jack's granddad is going to play into this somehow. He spawned Jack's father who became Locke's leader in the spirit world. Do we really know Jack's destiny? Does he? When Jack was over the casket changing the shoes, I kept expected Locke to open his eyes and say "Hello, Jack." Locke looks awfully good for being dead for so long. And his legs weren't very stiff from rigor mortis.

• Where did Aaron go? Is that why we saw Claire's mother so conveniently in LA? Did Kate dump the baby on her?

• I think the cliffhanger with Jin in Dharma clothes was a red herring. I bet they all just changed clothes since what they've been wearing must be pretty torn and ripe considering they've been tromping around in the jungle for months.

Speak up, Losties, and tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

I watched it again too. This show just messes with my mind.

I thought Rousseau killed her baby's dad because he found a way off the island and she couldn't leave her baby. But the guy didn't seem like he was who he appeared to be when he lifted his gun to shoot her. And then Jin appeared and she went after him because he disappeared back at the "old smokey" hole. And remember all the guys went down the hole to save the armless guy?

It seems like the people who die become some kind of hologram.


Anonymous said...

Ben is all beat up again. What up?

The suicide note to Jack? Why Jack? Why would that message manipulate him and why would the coffin searchers pull a note from a dead body? Yeah, Ben is behind it.

Locke looks like he's napping. Without the healing properties of the island, he should be all mushy. And, how could Jin survive? Maybe they are not who they appear to be.


Jodi said...

OK, first I think Claire's Mom has Aaron now. It was too convenient to show her in that hotel and for Kate to know where she was. Besides, remember Claire came to Kate in a vision where she pleaded with her to never bring Aaron back to the island?

Remember how they were supposed to get everything as close to the original you think Jack got Kate pregnant so there was a pregnant woman on board the Guam plane?

I think that they are still in the time travel time where Jin found Danielle pre-baby. It makes sense because if the crash was 2004 and she said she was on the island for 16yrs that would be 1988...that VW van is from the late 70s maybe...maybe Jin found the van and just was wearing the jumpsuit? I don't think he is working for Dharma.

I think Ben brought up the whole St Thomas history lesson for Jack because he knew about the "suicide" note and Thomas was a doubter and he knew Jack doubted and was more a man of science. Remember...Locke and Jack had fought many a time in front of Ben when he was being held captive in the Hatch when he was "Henry Gale". you think that Hurley was bringing Charlie's guitar back to the island? Like he went and got it from Charlie's brother. I don't think Hurley knows how to play.

By the of the people on plane in the back was Jorge "Hurley" Garcia's girlfriend Beth. Just as an extra though...I do think the guy that gave his condolences to Jack in the airport will play a part later on.

Alan said...

Love how they set up all the flashbacks we'll need to explain how everyone got on the plane.

Sayid's captor wouldn't have been a federal agent ... unless there's some reason a federal agent would take a murderer to Guam instead of to prison. My guess is that she was working for Ben.

I think we're meant to believe that Ben killed Penny. But because it's LOST that means Ben didn't kill Penny. Perhaps he got beat up capturing Sayid? Or perhaps he got beat up *trying* to kill Penny.

Loved the "We're not going to Guam, are we?" line.

And I'm pretty sure they're in the 70's At least some of them are. We also know that some Ajira airlines stuff shows up on the island in the present (we saw a water bottle and stuff a couple episodes ago.) So maybe they get scattered in different times. Anyway, Jin has to go back in time in order to teach Korean to Charlotte. (How else does she learn it?)

Mark H said...

This is worse soap opera than daytimes.........