Thursday, March 05, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST

Nestor Carbonell is a total babe.

Here are random thoughts from last week's pop up video version:

• I do think that Locke, Caesar, and the police chick are at the Hydra. They seem to know each other. Who put them on the Ajira flight? Was Sayid really in custody, or was that part of the ruse? Why is Caesar hiding the map from police chick?

• It was mentioned that one of the outriggers was taken by the Ajira pilot and a woman. That woman must be Sun since he would have known her and known where to go.

• That leaves Sayid as the only one we can't account for in this timeframe. Yet.

Now for this week's episode:

• Again, first things first. We got to see the statue! We got to see the statue! Yes, friends, that four toed foot is no longer a complete mystery. It looked like one of those Egyptian characters you see in hieroglyphics where the head looks kinda like a dog with upright ears wearing a skirt. Will this be the only time we ever get to see this since we are fixed in the current time and no reason to bop back via the wayback machine?

• Bugged-eyed Ben wasn't in this one. That is a blessing and a curse.

• Apparently, the submarine is functional.

• So they've done some accounting for time. The three years that the Oceanic 6 were on the mainland is the three years, from 1974-1977, that the remaining Losties were found and integrated into Dharma.

• But this course correction on time doesn't explain why 4 days to Locke was decades to Widmore. Why must three years equal three years all of a sudden?

• What will happen when, after time, the 1977 Losties come in contact with themselves in the future?

• Sawyer's gang came across the two Hostiles taking issue with the picnic people. The truce calls for them to be buried. Later, Alpert had to retrieve those bodies and take one from Dharma. Do they (the whispering spirits) need physical bodies to inhabit?

• I liked how Sawyer gave Alpert a little bit of "I know more than you do" schtick to win him over.

• Is the coming war that Widmore referred to actually WWII? Could it go back to the hydrogen bomb and who ends up controlling that technology? If the bomb isn't buried, (is that what was in the Swan?), tended to by Desmond, and eventually explode, would nuclear technology have fallen into the wrong (German?) hands?

• We saw Charlotte as a child and that fits the new timeframe.

• Juliet is perhaps my favorite character. I saw her and Sawyer hooking up a while ago with her subtle flirtation and doe-eyed looks. That actress conveys so much with so few lines of dialogue. And she's a take-no-prisoners killing machine. Have gun, will travel!

• What's up with Doctor Juliet turned VW Bus mechanic?

• The sonic fence was setup by Dharma to keep the Hostiles out. But Old Smokey doesn't like it, either.

• I still enjoy Sawyer's funny nicknames and wisecracks. Especially the one about Alpert wearing eyeliner.

• A review on Entertainment Weekly suggested that Alpert is wearing eyeliner just as ancient Egyptians did. Remember how the Swan's timer had hieroglyphics on it? And the Ankh necklace is Egyptian, too.

• At the end, we now have Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, Miles, Faraday, Richard, baby Charlotte, Jack, Kate, and Hurley in 1977. We have to assume that Ben, Locke, Sun, Pilot, Caesar, and Police Chick are all in this time, too, they just haven't all met up yet. Where are Danielle and the rest of the Frenchies? They must not be there yet.

Now, I'm going to go out a limb and postulate on how this is all happening. Do you think this is an aliens from outer space thing? Who could have built the time machine? Is it a worm hole? A time portal? Aren't there theories that the Eqyptians, Incans, and Aztecs were civilizations planted by aliens? Is the coming war with another world?

Speak up, you Losties, and tell me your ideas!

Update: The ankh was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character meaning "eternal life." Also, the beast I mentioned and pictured above is a Set (or Seth) that is the god of the desert, Storms, Darkness, and Chaos in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Update 2: Okay, thinking more about the statue and the alien thing. Remember the statue has four toes. Do the aliens have four toes. Will a big reveal be Richard taking off his shoe and having four toes? Does he never get older because he's an alien? Others on the island grow up and age.


Alan said...

I have no theories. But I did love that we got to see the giant statue on the beach.

Jodi said... thing I have to be honest. I don't care for Juliet hooking up with Sawyer. I'm a Sawyer/Kate fan. I do love how he gave Horace the whole "she's out of my mind speech" and as soon as he got that phone call from Jin he was out of bed with her faster than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Danielle's crew isn't there yet. They crashed in 2004 and she said that she had been on the island for 16yrs. That would take us to 1988.

When Sawyer called the guy Plato and the eyeliner reference were hysterical.

ArichNY said...

I loved the eyeliner line too! And Ben was in this one, but I'm glad he was in a coma, or whatever. He is a nasty bastard! All of this time looping is making my head spin, but I'm loving it!

Mark said...

He is a bit of a babe alrite!

michael sean morris said...

I've never watched this show before, but now that you tell me Nestor Carbonell is on there I'm as tempted as I've ever been. He was one of my favourite things about 'Suddenly Susan'. Along with Kathy Griffin. And Brooke Shields. Hey, why isn't that on DVD?

Sorry to interrupt your conversation; I must have gotten 'lost'. ;)

Anonymous said...

My random thoughts after reading your post:

What time frame are they in on the Hydra Staiton island? How long have they been there? It seems like they are settled-in a bit because of certain events, For instance, the pilot is off on an outrigger (probably chasing and shooting at Sawyer and his group). And then there is Caesar along with police chick looking for something other than a rescue source. (Doesn't police chick, LLana, look like Ana Lucia?) And Locke.

"If" Sun and/or Sayid are with the Hydra people , does that mean they are different from the other Oceanic Six?

I think you are right about the inhabiting of dead bodies. That would give a bit of an explanation to Christian and Locke... wha?

When I first saw those toes I thought of Hugo's comic book because it looked so surreal. I read somewhere that the egyptian statues have four toes prominent like animals.

They always seem to zoom in on an eye, Lock has a scar over his eye. The Oceanic Logo is a symbol that vessels use to ward off the evil eye (it looks very similar to Turkish Air) and Ajira Airlines logo looks like it could be (in LOST rationale anyway) the egyptian eye.

The Egyptian, Incan and Aztec "alien" association seems plausible.

Sawyer and Juliette --yuck.
"Plato" -- "eyeliner" --rotflmao

I read that there are a lot of mistakes(?) made in the shooting of the series like 67th and 9th intersection in NYC. Parallel worlds?