Thursday, March 12, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST

How disappointing was it that there wasn't a new episode this week? Okay, I found some things in the pop up video version from last week that bear mentioning:

• In the 2000's, pregnant women died in their 2nd trimester. The fact that Juliet delivered that baby at term means the birthin' babies issue hasn't occurred yet as Sawyer suggested. Is it because the women that are left after the purge are Hostiles and they are infertile for some reason. The poison they used with Ben to kill the Dharmas?

• Jin speaks pretty good English in 1977 (and could understand a bit in the 2000's). Remember that adult Charlotte spoke Korean? Did Jin and child Charlotte teach each other?

• If Juliet knew how to turn on the sonic fence, how come she didn't know how to turn it off?

• The biggest thing I noticed...Alpert met Locke in 1954 during a time flash. Locke told him he was born in Tustin, CA in 1956. (BTW, I worked in Tustin for a year in 1985.) Alpert showed up to visit Locke on the day of his birth. Presuming that this is pre-Dharma, and pre-submarine, how did Richard get off the island?

• When and from where do Tom and Ethan show up?


Alan said...

I'm guessing Tom and Ethan were brought to the island after the Purge, like Juliet was, though they'd obviously been there longer.

Jodi said...

Very good call about Jin and Charlotte. I gotta go watch tonight's episode. I had to tape it.