Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wiggy Wednesday: Is It Or Isn't It Edition

For your consideration...

Countdown host Keith Olbermann:

The bald pic is doctored but I couldn't resist including it when I discovered it looking for photos. I think the area front and center is a rug.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner:

I can never see where his hair is actually growing out of his scalp in the front and there always seems to be a ridge around the middle of his hair.

Former NBC Nightly News weekend anchor John Seigenthaler:

Readers, what say you?


Lacey said...

no, yes, and

Mark H said...

WOW. I think I'm going to get a hairpiece............ I hadn't really thought about any of these guys hair"do"s until you posted this. Olberman. I HAVE suspected that front is SO thick.

IF you find out you MUST tell.

Big Daddy said...

I saw Olberman when he was in town for the DNC.

Didn't look fake in person.

more cowbell said...

I always thought Keith just had a gorgeously thick head of hair. Tim ... honey if that's NOT, you need to rethink your style.