Thursday, April 09, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


Let's start off with this week's Untangled video!

This Ben-centric episode provided us with a lot of background and moved the story in new directions.

• It was confirmed that Ben, Locke, Sun, Pilot, Ceasar, and the Bounty Hunter are all in current time. They see the old pic of the Losties in the house at the Barracks and it's news to everyone...even Ben.

• Christian said that Sun needed Locke to help her be with Jin. Will they all go back in time, or will the Dharma Losties get pulled forward again? Does Locke have another appointment with the time machine?

• After plotting to pit Ceasar against Locke, Ben ended up blasting Ceasar so he could get to the main island to be judged. No remorse. He's a cold-blooded killer.

• When Ceasar meets the end of a sawed off shotgun, Bounty Hunter stood up and took control of the Ajira Hydra group. Where did they get all the guns? Left over from Dharma/Hostiles occupation of the 2nd island?

• What's in the crate on the beach? The only thing I can think of that would be that big, and central to the story, is Locke's coffin. Is his body still in there?

• Loved how John sits behind Ben's desk. He knows there has been a shift in power. How does he know? Was he told or does he just feel it? Has death given him new insight into his life?

• The Bounty Hunter asked what was in the shadow of the statue. Is she referring to the four-toed statue? This begs the questions: Who is she and how does she know there is/was a statue?

Then we finally saw some background on how Alex came to be Ben's daughter. It showed a softer side of Ben that would carry through to current times. What we found out from our time with the Hostiles from times gone by:

• Charles Widmore was the leader of the Hostiles. When he sees that Richard plans to save little Ben, he's pissed. But Richard tells him that Jacob wanted Ben to be saved; that the island chooses who it chooses. Are Jacob and Old Smokey one in the same?

• Flashing forward in time when Ben is wearing a bad toupee, Widmore tells him to go to the beach and kill Danielle. Is the boy that was with him a young Ethan? So Ben decides to spare Danielle, take Alex the baby, and warns her to run when she hears whispers. A cryptic heads-up to watch out for Old Smokey.

• When Ben calls Widmore's bluff on killing the baby, we find out that Widmore isn't willing to kill a baby either and that he isn't necessarily acting in the best interest of the island. The Hostiles banish him from the island when they see this. Is that when the transition of power to Ben took place? There has to be a reason why the Hostiles keep appointing outsiders to lead their group.

• Ben said Widmore broke the rules by having a child off-island.

Off island in current time, we get the full scoop on what happened with Penny:

• Ben found Penny on her boat in Marina Del Rey. He calls Widmore and tells him of his plan, but gets disrupted by Desmond. He shoots Desmond and proceeds to Penny. Well, little Charlie comes up from down under and Ben, true to form, doesn't have the heart to kill Penny. Desmond comes back from being shot, attacks Ben, and Ben falls into the drink.

Now Ben needs to be judged:

• Ben says the judgment is because he broke the rules and now must meet with Old Smokey. However, we found out this wasn't true because he didn't kill Penny. Locke calls him out and says it is because of how he let Alex die.

• Locke isn't afraid of Old Smokey. Wasn't Locke judged in the jungle several seasons ago and lived to tell? How much does Locke know about how special he is...does he know or just thinks he knows?

• Locke said he knew where Ben needed to go. I can't remember...was Locke there when the Frenchie had his arm ripped off?

• Okay, so there's the secret door in Ben's house at the Barracks. Who built that...Dharma or the Hostiles? It is covered with hieroglyphic type characters. They use a water trap, a la a toilet, to keep Old Smokey down in the hole. It can grab people and drag them into the jungle but can't dislodge a plug? Ben didn't shout down the hole to tell it he was going into the jungle but spoke in a normal level of voice. Does that thing have a voice relay or just really good hearing?

• It looked like Ben was crawling down into a pyramid from the Temple. Ben said that the Hostiles had built the wall. Since it is ancient, it would stand to reason that it was built in ancient times by Richard and company.

• When Ben got to the place, he looked at the carving above the sewer grate: the Set (Egyptian dog) was shown bowed down in front of the Smoke waiting to be judged.

• Ghost Alex gives Ben the official are to follow Locke and stop plotting against him.

• Most interesting quote from Ben regarding Locke's resurrection: "Dead is dead."' The island is capable of things that he hasn't even seen.

Lots, lots, lots in this episode!

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Anonymous said...

• LOST better end in a logical conclusion instead of a fairytale or I am going to make some noses bleed. I can grasp time travel. Gods and Demons? -- not so much.

• Dead is dead. So why is everyone coming back to life? Are they who they appear to be?

• Bounty hunter is getting all cryptic code on us. Why doesn't she just ask Lapidus if he's working for Widmore? Or is it Ben?

• Ben expressed sorrow for Desmond. Did Ben steal baby Charlie like he did Alex?

• Maybe the rules are that you can't let innocent beings be killed or you'll face the wrath of Smokey. Maybe that is why Widmore doesn't go back.

• Jin was there when the Frenchie had his arm ripped off and then he disappeared in a flash. That is why Danielle didn't trust who Jin was when she saw him again. (I don't remember Locke being around.)

• What ever happened to all the stolen children?

• Who is doing all that whispering?

I will be satisfied if LOST is resolved scientifically. I could grasp another planet with people on it just like earth, just in another time --relatively. But if it is myth... boo hiss.