Monday, April 20, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: Lost

Sorry this is so late. I've been sick.


Here's a brain dump since I'm so far behind in posting this:

• Marvin Candle is Miles's father. He was born on the that where he got the ability to talk to dead people?

• Hurley can also talk to dead people, but he can't distinguish between dead and alive people unless he already knows they are dead. Is it a twist on The Sixth Sense? Is Miles dead? Is that how the time continuum can be maintained if he is seen on the island as a baby and as an adult?

• I loved them calling Candle a douche.

• We learned that Widmore is the one who bought the fake airplane and southeast Asian bodies and faked the discovery of the Oceanic flight. Felix the delivery man proved that with the documents we saw when Naomi brought Miles to get in contact with his spirit. Was he killed so he wouldn't squeal about he plane? Or did he meet an unexpected fate we haven't seen yet?

• Miles can only talk to dead people when he is in close proximity to their body or place of death. I suspected he was telling people what they wanted to hear just to get the money.

• The A-Team asked again about what was in the shadow of the statue when they abducted Miles. That guy is the same one that is with Police Woman on the Hydra island when they asked the same question.

• Jack was wiping down the blackboard in the school and it was a lesson on Old Middle and New Egypt. So Dharma, a la Widmore, is studying Egypt? Juliet said a long time ago they were all required to learn Latin. If the Others are Egyptian, why are they learning Latin?

• Do we think that Hurley really did write The Empire Strikes Back?

• Who is Porter? They were going to squeal to Horace or Porter.

• Fucking Faraday! I can't keep track of his happy ass. That man gets around! Did he hop back to Morocco, then to Ann Arbor, and back to the island again? I can't remember now when the fuck we saw him last!

I have a feeling this week's special episode is going to fill even more of the blanks, and we get to see the statue again!


Alan said...

I've never seen Faraday in Ann Arbor.

Oh, wait, that was 1977. :)

Y | O | Y said...

Well, Alan, I wouldn't bet the farm that he isn't tromping around in your midst at this very moment!

Anonymous said...

random thoughts:

Things seem kind of goofy or staged sometimes -- "The A-Team" :), the so-called island scientists, Juliet's medical terminology, wrong-named intersection scene in Manhattan... Could it be a competition or game? Oh, and I remember the Ajira airlines site was geared toward the spontaneous adventurer.

• What if the pilot of the Oceanic flight stole the keys (so to speak) from Lapidus? Is Lapidus a player?

• Miles' flat affect and observant behavior has been very curious. Did he know he was going to come across his father on the island? He never seems too surprised about anything.

•Are Hurley's "powers" really way better than Miles'?