Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Winner Of Congressional Race Still Unknown

The results of the NY 20th Congressional is nearly a tie: Scott Murphy (D) 77,217; Jim Tedisco (R) 77,192.

This is going to be decided on absentee votes. Approximately 10,000 ballots were sent out and nearly 6,500 have been returned so far. All ballots have to be postmarked by 3/31/09 — the date of the election. Domestic ballots have until 4/6 to arrive and be counted; overseas and military ballots have until 4/13 to arrive and be counted.

Tedisco is claiming that he has the edge because a majority of the absentee ballots are from areas in which he was strongest. However, Murphy points out that the district has a heavy GOP enrollment and if he is tied now there is no reason to think that Republicans didn't also cross over and vote for him on their absentee ballots.

This story is still unfolding.

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