Thursday, May 07, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


• Last week, we found out that Faraday is the son of Widmore and Eloise and that they knew they were sending him to his death in the past.

• Alpert was showing off some chest hair. About time.

• Locke, Sun and Bug Eyes met with Alpert, and Ben said that Alpert was an "adviser" for a very long time. Alpert tells Sun he watched all the back-in-time Losties die when she shows him the new arrivals pic from the Barracks.

• Alpert says the un-dead Locke is "different" and later tells Ben he may be trouble.

• Interesting that we see them beating Sawyer and Juliet for information amidst our current discussions on torture.

• Well, another instance of the same person being in two ages in the same time. First Miles, now Locke.

• After the hydrogen bombers got to the tunnels, were they at the alter of Old Smokey?

• So, how are they going to get the bomb out?

• Uncomfortable! Sawyer and Juliet profess their love, and then Kate shows up.

• How come they weren't knocked out to get off the island in the submarine?

• There was no mention of "the war" in this episode. What's up with that?

• What was up with that cliffhanger? Locke is going to kill Jacob? I didn't see THAT coming!

So, Losties, is this the war they've been teasing about?


Alan said...

I'm out of theories. I have no idea what Locke is up to, but I *LOVE* watching the Losties dishing out major heaping helpings of "we know more than you" to Alpert (circa 1977 or 2008) and Ben. Turnabout is fair play.

We also have no idea what the crazy "shadow of the statue" people are up to. Are they part of the war? Are they Widmore's folks? Ben's? Richard's? Are they new Dharma people?

Next week should be great: Locke vs. Jacob AND Jack vs. Jughead. :)

mary said...

These are my thoughts:

Look it's Beat-up-Ben

Eloise has been questioning destiny -- first with Desmond and then at the pendulum place. Maybe she gave birth to Daniel Faraday (where did that name come from?) so he could "save the day". But, alas, he dies. Or does he? And if she is pregnant and explodes then how...(((#P

Richard has been "an advisor for a really long time". Does that mean he is from the way-far-future? That would explain why he doesn't age. Right?

Is Locke working for Widmore? He wants to kill Jacob. Didn't Jacob ban Widmore for breaking the having-a-baby-off-island rules? Wasn't the guy who told him to go on a "Walkabout" working for Widmore?

Um, excuse me. But how does that Disney submarine get to Ann Arbor? And don't passengers have to be blindfolded and drugged (like Juliet) to get there?

And more random thoughts:

• Why is the island so important that it becomes an obsessive worth-killing-your-child-over goal?

• How was "the island" discovered? Did Earth explode and a few nerdy scientists rocketed to another Earth-like planet where "the Island" really exists?

• How can a person be in two places at once? It is relatively impossible. So this time travel stuff has to be bullshit. Is everyone on acid?

Alan said...

"But how does that Disney submarine get to Ann Arbor?"

No problem. Just sail from the Pacific to the Atlantic, then take the Atlantic to Lake Erie via the St. Lawrence Seaway, then from Lake Erie up the Huron River to A2. Admittedly, the Huron River does shallow up quite a bit in several places so they'd have to carry the sub, but I'm guessing it has wheels or something. :)