Thursday, May 14, 2009

TV Wednesday On Thursday: LOST


• We met Jacob right off the bat, relaxing on the island's beach. Who's the dude that wants to kill him — the leader of the other side of the war? Was that the Black Rock ship? Foxy 4-Toes is intact at the time, so I suspect that Jacob is like Alpert (same race, etc.) since he doesn't age.

• Okay, was the pit full of skeletons really dead Dharma? Or, maybe they were from the Black Rock and Ben only told Locke they were Dharma.

• As it turns out, Jacob has been involved in the lives of the Oceanic 6 all along.

• Kate was a thief right from the time she was little. Jacob saved the day by paying for the lunchbox she was going to steal when she was little and living in Iowa.

• So now we know they were going to take a sedative on the submarine. Was the guy who was serving the sedatives on the sub the same one that was comforting young James at his parent's funeral in the next scene? Was that young Kate with young Sawyer? Why was Jacob there?

• Jacob gave young Sawyer the pen at his parent's funeral. Has that pen appeared somewhere else?

• Is this a bit of Star Wars? Are Sawyer and Kate really brother and sister? Or am I totally confused about those early Iowa scenes?

• Ooooh, Eloise is pregnant. One guess...with Faraday?

• New-Locke says they have to "deal" with the Ajira folks? Are they the enemy? Are they the good guys?

• What did the Ajira folks mean when they said Lupidus could be "a candidate"? Candidate for immortality?

• I thought it was Locke's coffin in the metal box but it wasn't. I wasn't far off, though, when they dumped the body of Old-Locke out. Which begs the question: Who is New-Locke? And now we know that Old-Locke did have to die to get the people back to the island.

• Uh-oh, Jacob distracted Sayid, and Nadia got hit by a car! Widmore didn't kill her...or did he?

• I'm not sure that Christian really exists because he hasn't seemed to be able to touch anyone or needed Old-Locke to move the donkey wheel. I thought that Alpert was the same, but he was able to hit Eloise. Then New-Locke needs to get Ben to kill Jacob like he isn't able to physically do it himself.

• Loved Jack's smile when Hurley and Miles show up in the VW van to save the day! Another A-Team moment.

• Juliet kicks some ass and gets Kate and Sawyer off the sub. She really is a bad ass.

• When they get to shore, they find Vincent! Oh, and Bernard and Rose!

• The Ajira bring the box to Jacob's cabin. But there is a break in the circle of ash surrounding it! Is Jacob some kind of spirit that couldn't cross that line but eventually did when they showed the break in the circle? Is he from another planet and the "ash" is like their Kryptonite?

• Jacob showed up with cop lady in a hospital bed. Were they speaking Russian? How was Ilana hurt? When was the timeframe?

• Was the painting in the cabin of Vincent?

• Effing Jacob was waiting and was there when Locke was thrown out of the window by his dead. It looked like he instilled life into Locke when he touched him.

• Phil met an untimely flying-metal demise just in time to keep him from killing Sawyer.

• Jin was wearing a terrible wig at his wedding scene with Sun. Jacob was at the wedding, spoke excellent Korean, but neither of them knew him.

• Ben has never met Jacob. New-Locke essentially tells Ben he isn't special. Never was. That's why he got cancer, his daughter died, etc. And, we find out, Jacob didn't think he was special either. Only the leader of the Others could request an audience with Jacob. Ben admits he was pretending to speak to Jacob in the empty chair at the cabin. So Alpert knew where Jacob was all along and that Ben had been lying all along about speaking to him.

• When Jack was operating, and cut the sac on the girl, was that the same thing he did to Ben? And then Jacob shows up to offer him the candy bar that didn't fall down in the machine.

• We didn't see Claire in this at all.

• Jacob convinced Hurley to go back to the island and left him the guitar case. The case, I assume, was with Charlie on the original Oceanic flight. He told Hurley that he (Jacob) wasn't dead, and that Hurley was blessed and not cursed.

• How did Ilana know Alpert as Ricardos?

• Finally, the knock 'em down, drag 'em out fight between Jack and Sawyer that we've been waiting for!

• How is it that everyone has fire and torches so easily?

• Juliet got sucked down the magnetic hatch. Didn't see THAT coming! Juliet was alive and detonated Jughead! Didn't see THAT coming! (Or did she?)

• Jacob says New-Locke found a loop hole? Is New-Locke really Widmore? Are these spirits who can take on the form of anyone? Why didn't Jacob do more to avoid Ben stabbing him? Didn't he foresee it coming? Will Jacob die? He said they "are coming"? Is that Ilana and her merry band? Are they there to save the day?

• "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" Richard knew the answer for Ilana. What language was he speaking and what did he say? [Update: It was Latin for "He who will save us all."]

• We saw Marvin Candle lose his hand during the magnetic meltdown at the site of the Swan station! Since he later makes a video for the Swan, i don't think that Jughead either went off or blew up the island as we were led to believe. For him to make that video, handless, which means that he survives. Miles said that maybe Jughead was the incident and maybe he was right.

Whew! Enough for now. I'm off to read what some of the other folks are saying. It was a great finale!

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mary said...

I really liked the art direction of the opening scene. Not sure what it all means but it seemed very peaceful -- in a "what happens happens" way. And then we are reminded we can't have Ying without the Yang.

The directors made it a point to show Jacob touching or transferring objects to the "O 6".

Is new Locke the smoke monster? Is the smoke monster the other guy on the beach with Jacob? Loophole?

What is the significance of the dog painting? Good catch on pointing that out -- I just watch and think, "dog painting -- that's odd." But there must be some reason for placing it in the scene. And Vincent for that matter.

I don't think the bomb exploded. I think there was some kind of magnetic flash. Remember Ben throwing metal into an elevator?

So many movies come to mind when watching LOST: Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Wild West, Planet of the Apes, Horton Hears a Who

I love this show!