Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are Birthers Dead?

Have you noticed that the whole birther movement seems to have died?

What was once about making President Obama a secret Kenyan Muslim has suddenly morphed into making him into a secret Nazi socialist/fascist.

The imagery the opposition is coming up with is downright scary. We are really seeing the underbelly of America. I honestly thought we were way past this!


Cyrus said...

"The underbelly of America" is the perfect description.

I do think that these extreme right fringe folks are pushing the middle further and further away from them with their crazy gun-toting, blatant racism, and venomous propaganda.

I'm just afraid that we're going to lose healthcare with a public option in the process.

cb said...

Past this?? Never. Amerika is a bigoted, deeply divided nation held together only by our feelings of entitlement and that we are better than everyone else.

Things will be just as divided with conservatives running the place.