Monday, September 07, 2009

Schaghticoke Fair 2009

We made our yearly visit to the Rensselaer County fair, more commonly called The Schaghticoke Fair (pronounced Ska-ti-coke) because of the town where it's located.

It seems like every year the weather couldn't be better. Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are the best times of year here.

More photos from previous years can be found:
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This year things started out at the plant shop.

I'm not sure why I got so excited when Dutchess came out. It's not like I've never seen an elephant before. And what's up with people being so interested in watching animals perform tricks?

There were several birds tethered to perches. Barn owls are some of the coolest creatures.

In the barns, a girl sat on the back end of a cow laying in the straw. Another cow's udder was full and the milk was dripping and squirting out of her teats. There was a portable milker they could use or get her to the milking parlor.

This sheep was getting a blow dry after a shearing and wash. She was crying and crying but I'm sure she felt refreshed afterwards. An earless, hornless blue ribbon winning goat was inside her pen.

Old time tools and sleds were on display.

Early 20th century power shown by a windmill and engines. Devices were used to pump water for irrigation, grind corn/wheat, and drive saws for cutting lumber.

Then there were the games...

...and the rides, where the big news was the ferris wheel equipped with new lighting provided by LEDs...

...and the food! Check out that confectioner's sugar and cinnamon covered fried dough. That's half the order and I was able to eat only half of that!


Mom said...

I love fairs. They feel so very All-American and wholesome.

ArichNY said...

GREAT pics Gavin! Colorful! And I LOVE the food!

Mark H said...

THAT CHICKEN STAND....almost bizarre! The old carnivals at the fairs! Aahhh. I have never forgotten the first time I SAW a tiny carnival show up in Vale when I was a little kid, OR (pop 1500) in the 50' eyes were drawn to that and jealous of those guys getting to TRAVEL....