Monday, October 05, 2009

Local Farm Stands

The farm stands that crop up along local roads have moved on to pumpkin season. Farmers and industrious gardeners put these up to make some extra cash. They can be a shed as you see here or just a picnic table. There can be a wide variety of items or simple a single specialty like the telephone booth sized wooden box that offers organic garlic.

They start in June with tomatoes, move on to include squash and zucchini, then sweet corn, and finally pumpkins. Many of these are 'honor' setups where the prices are posted and the customers help themselves and deposit the appropriate amount of money into a locked box.


Mom said...

Lovely picture. It looks so peaceful.

Al In The County said...

I love that picture! And love farm stands, too.

This was my first summer on a farm, and one of the most interesting things I've done is gone out to the garden and "picked a salad". Pretty neat.