Friday, November 27, 2009

The Pumpkin Pie Scare Of 2009

Remember last week's pumpkin pie scarcity scare?

So, did anyone have any trouble getting a slice of pumpkin pie yesterday? I didn't think so.


Sean said...

The way the story read, it sounded like it was going to be more of a problem for next year.

Y | O | Y said...

Yes, but why put the story out a week before this Thanksgiving when it's a potential problem a year from now? If the crop was bad this year, there's plenty of time for the farmers in the free market to plant extra.

I went by a field a mile from here on Wednesday and it was covered in pumpkins that they weren't able to sell this fall.

Lacey said...

I don't think those are pie pumpkins. It seems there's decorative pumpkins, and pie pumpkins. Wegman's ran out of pumpkin pie filling on Wednesday. Do they have Wegman's in the Albany area, btw?

Y | O | Y said...

Lacey--I'm surprised and stand corrected!

We don't have Wegman's here. Price Chopper owns most of the market and we also have Hannaford's. We used to have the Grand Union chain (where I worked for 4 years) but it went belly up a long time ago.

There are a couple of WalMart supercenters sprinkled around that sell a lot of groceries. They want to convert the regular WalMart by my house into a supercenter but the area residents have caused a ruckus at the town board meetings so they finally gave up. Part is a resistance to growth, another is the aforementioned Grand Union. That building has sat vacant for 15 years and people don't want an old WalMart building, just down the road, to sit unoccupied as well.