Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shopping On Christmas Eve Was A Bargain!

From the "Sometimes it doesn't hurt to ask" file:

I was going to go out this past Tuesday to do some final shopping but then we got a dusting of snow in the morning. I scrapped that idea and stayed in until the afternoon when I went up to see my Mom — a half hour drive.

With no time left, being Christmas Eve and all, I headed to Michael's to get a photo frame this afternoon. My neighbor asked me to take a pic of her iris when it was blooming in the summer. I've been remiss in getting it to her so I'm making it a gift in a nice frame. The iris plant came from her mother's house so it holds special memories and meaning for her.

I had bought the same frame a week ago for myself at a different Michael's. I had their flyer and used the 40% off a single item coupon. When I got to the check-out stand tonight, I asked if they had any coupons they could scan for me. The guy at J.C. Penney's had done that without me asking. The cashier told me they didn't carry the circulars at the stores which is an odd arrangement. Best I can figure is that they want to maximize their sales prices. I put on my best sad boy face and went to return the frame. $25 for a frame? I don't think so. $17 is a stretch.

I was half way to the back of the store when the manager caught up with me. She'd heard the discussion and said they were getting ready for a new sale tomorrow and if the frame was on sale tomorrow, she'd adjust the price today. We went to the front of the store but it wasn't in the new ad for after Christmas. I harumphed again, and she said she'd give me the 40% off anyway! Yahoo!

That made up for the bitch that cut me off in the parking lot getting there. Merry Christmas!


Sean said...

When I saw that pic I thought you had hack into my old computer! I have an almost identical pic of the same iris only mine was taken in Dupont Circle in Feb!

If I get that computer fixed, I send the pic to you.

Merry Christmas!

Mark H said...

If I ONLY had the energy to get out and fight those crowds, YES, fabulous deals now.... We're having seconds on our second Turkey Cooked this winter.....yep, another one for Christmas except THIS one was fabulous. Wish you'd been here with relatives, nuttin...just us, and it was nice, quiet and relaxing.