Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Catty Sports Post

While I've been laying on the couch feeling ill, I've been watching more sports than usual.

Health Update: I finished my antibiotics. The sinus headaches are sporadic, less intense, and seem to be tamed by OTC decongestants. I'm still not feeling 100% but way better than last week.

Here are some of the observations I've made on the sports front:

Ice Skating
• Can watching Sasha Cohen be any more stressful? She's a great skater but just can't get beyond her mental weakness in competitions. I hang on the edge of my seat, clicker in hand, and change the channel as soon as she falls. I can't bear to watch it. She's from Aliso Viejo, CA, a master-planned community (it was sagebrush and dirt) where I lived for 4 years. The $136K condo I bought, later sold in the real estate downturn in the early 90's for $114K, is now worth in the $400K's!
• I got very emotional during the ice dancing. It's an event I usually don't watch unless it's the Olympics, but being sick on the couch changed that. Several of the performances were very moving and I honestly thought I was going to burst into tears. They were either really good, I was feeling really bad, or both. I'd say both.

I've been staying up all night watching the live coverage of the Australian Open. I've often thought if I win the lottery, I will travel to watch the four major tournaments every year.
• Rafa Nadal finally ditched his clam diggers, but could he please find a pair of underwear that fits or change the toilet paper he uses? He picks his butt before EVERY point.
• The William's sisters, with all their money, need to get some better wigs, weaves, extensions, or whatever they're wearing on their heads. Maybe they need to go back to the beads.
Andy Roddick is alternately handsome and reptilian.
• I'm pretty sure commentator Patrick McEnroe is now sporting a wig.
• Like ketchup, everything goes better with an Aussie accent. But their chanting/pseudo-singing fans are annoying as hell. STFU!

I'm not really a football fan, but love to watch tennis (see above) and NBA basketball (see below).
• I grew up in a Dallas Cowboys household where we rooted for Roger Staubach and coach Tom Landry. I tend to default to them as my favorite. Back in the 90's, I went to an event at the old Texas Stadium and we all laid on the cowboy star at the 50 yard line and looked up through the roof at the night time stars.
• I watched a part of a homophobic comedian on Comedy Central. He was riffing on Brokeback Mountain, contending that there were no such thing as gay cowboys, unless you were talking about Tony Romo.
• I'm a fan of Brett Favre, too. He's irritating with his on-again, off-again retirement, but how can you resist that handsome mug? Well, he's on a new tv ad promoting Samsung televisions and he's got a huge white head pimple on his neck. Didn't he see that? You can bet if I was going to be on camera, I wouldn't have any pimples. I just remotely supervised a photo shoot in San Jose. I had to digitally remove all sorts of stuff from the model's faces. Aside from the deep wrinkles and gin blossoms, I had to get rid of stray whiskers. I know he used an electric razor to keep from cutting himself, but isn't it incumbent upon someone to make sure they got it all? Thank the world for Photoshop.
• Now that the Cowboys and Brett are out, I'll have to root for the Saints in the Superbowl. NOLA needs some good things to happen.

NBA Basketball
Growing up I was a big 76ers fan, in a Celtics household, cheering on Dr. J and backboard-shattering Darryl Dawkins. After my move to southern CA, I became a huge Laker fan and didn't miss a game. Then Kobe allegedly raped someone and he selfishly pushed Shaq out, and I've been down on them ever since.
• I get the MSG (Madison Square Garden) Channel here and have started watching the Knicks. I was all set to declare my support when they lost by 50 points over the weekend. Ugh. If they'd just fire Isaiah Thomas, my support level would be nearly complete.


Mom said...

I'm in New Orleans this week. It is a crazy, happy place full of fanatic football fans.

Y | O | Y said...

Lucky you. I wish I was there, too!

Mark H said...

Woohoo! I live with a sports NUT, so over the years have learned to detest or LIKE the sport in season. WE BOTH love tennis....wish you'd been with us....Yep, with all Nadal's money, he needs something fixed in his shorts. We disagree on Basketball: millionaire hoods running back and forth on a short court for 2-3 hours. Boring.

Football? Once the playoffs get here, I do have favorites and tend to follow them. For Rodg, it's always the 49ers............ I don't "mind" the cowboys if I see a close-up of Romo...hah.