Friday, February 12, 2010

Douche Bags Of The Week: Family Planning Shirkers

We have the Duggar family which is approaching a score of children and, I suspect, a prolapsed vagina. Then there's the Octomom. And who can forget John & Kate + 8, try as we might.

Believe it or not, these lame brained baby machines aren't the subject of this post.

Nope, I'm talking about John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, and Jeff Goldblum. Yup, now Goldblum's in on the act.

So the video we're hearing about in the scandal shows a well-endowed John Edwards porking a pregnant woman, presumably Hunter. Who was also seeing Jeff Goldblum at the time. When Goldblum asks if the baby is his, she says it could be.

ISN'T ANYONE WEARING CONDOMS? What fucking planet are these assholes on, anyway? So this chick is making time with at least two people at a time. I'm not a prude, but shouldn't you be on some form of birth control? And the men. Especially Edwards. You're banging some woman outside of your marriage and you aren't wearing a condom?

Let's assume she says she's on the pill. Isn't anyone listening to the health messages that have been running on television since I was a kid?

Yes, kiddies, these ran on network television back in the 1970's. But apparently we've learned nothing. Sometimes I wonder why we spend the money. I suppose it would be much worse if we didn't. In the end, you can't protect people from themselves.

Sure there's HIV, something I think American heterosexuals discount as a gay disease despite evidence otherwise. Even so, what about warts, drug-resistant syphilis, and gonorrhea? That shit's still out there, and with the possibility of bringing it home to your wife, I find that the most offensive part of all.

BTW, I'd so do the guy in the alligator shirt in the video clip. And demand a condom, of course!

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Sean said...

I don't get it either.

Don't forget HepC which is now more deadly than HIV.