Friday, March 19, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

I went to the dentist on Wednesday at noon.

I was experiencing cold sensitivity on the middle upper right, and pressure sensitivity on the lower back right. It seemed I'd be getting two fillings.

Was I ever surprised. It turned out to be the top back right molar. Option: $1,800 root canal, or pull it for $100. I don't have insurance so that played a major part. The dentist said that I probably wouldn't miss the tooth since most of the grinding is done on the tooth in front of it and I have all of my other teeth. He also said it would be a hellish root canal and even when repaired the tooth wouldn't be 100%.

Pulling it would be permanent and I stressed out in the chair trying to make the right decision. I got emotional and tears welled up in my eyes. At 47, it seems too early to be losing teeth!

Result? I have another hole in my head with a couple of stitches.

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